Mr. Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh

Mauritania Aims to Become a Regional Leader in Green Hydrogen and Steel Production, Says Energy Minister

The vision to establish Mauritania as a prominent player in the energy sector is gaining traction with the country's Energy Minister, Mr. Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh, announcing an ambitious plan to make Mauritania a regional hub for the production of green hydrogen and green steel. Speaking at a panel discussion on the prospects of oil and gas in Mauritania, the Minister shared his vision of a far-reaching plan that will catapult Mauritania into a leadership position in the energy industry. Mr. Saleh revealed that the plan involves the launch of ambitious projects to produce gas, green hydrogen and green steel, as well as developing a comprehensive plan for the energy sector by 2030. The Minister explained that Mauritania possesses large gas capacities, exceeding 100 trillion cubic feet, and vast potentials for renewable energies, particularly in wind and solar.

The plan has several strategic stages that the department intends to implement, with the objective of contributing to the comprehensive goals of this vision. The first phase involves achieving critical milestones by 2026, which includes the implementation of gas-to-power projects, signing agreements to develop green hydrogen projects, and commencing work to develop the BirAllah field, among other things. The Minister highlighted that the second phase of the operational plan, starting from 2027, would focus on the exploitation of the Birallah field and the second phase of the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim field. Additionally, the Ministry would launch several green hydrogen projects, with the overall objective of providing clean and affordable electricity to all Mauritanian citizens by 2030.

Mr. Saleh emphasized that the ultimate goal of this plan is to transform Mauritania into a regional hub for the production of gas, green hydrogen, and green steel within the next ten years. His vision is gaining traction in the private sector, with the CEO of the “MAURILOG” group, Mr. Mohamed Abdallah Ould Yaha, affirming that the private sector has accompanied international companies in the oil and gas sector since the launch of these activities in 2005. Mr. Ould Yaha noted that the Mauritanian private operators have demonstrated their capacity to provide all the required services in the energy sector, despite the high-quality standards set by international giants. The private sector has proven to be more efficient and serious, compelling international companies to rely on the services of the national private sector, rather than international ones. The Energy Minister's vision to develop a comprehensive plan for the energy sector and to make Mauritania a regional hub for green hydrogen and steel production is a significant milestone for the country. The plan will not only provide clean and affordable electricity to all Mauritanians but will also create numerous employment opportunities and increase foreign investments in the country. With this plan in place, Mauritania is well on its way to becoming a key player in the global energy industry.