Rural Electrification Program​ 16.5 MW



Masdar's 31.6 MW renewable energy portfolio in Mauritania, including a 15 MW plant and 16.6 MW rural electrification program across 8 remote communities, started in 2016. It supplies 30% of electricity to 39,000 homes, saving 10 million liters of diesel and reducing 27,000 tons of CO2 annually. 31,173 MWh of clean electricity generated each year

Project Info

Technologies Used : SOLAR PV


Project Completion Year 2016 (Inauguration)

Status : Operational

Location : Boutilimit, Aleg, Aioune, Akjoujt, Atar, El Chami, Boulenour and Beni Chab

Quick Facts

Diesel fuel savings: 09 million liters annually

Reduces CO2 emissions by 27,000 tons per year

Supplies 30% of the electricity demand for eight rural communities

Made up of 52,600 solar PV modules

Homes powered: more than 33,000

Solar energy penetration: 30 percent into the grid